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Bestboard’s Intelligent Meeting Platform Leaves Legacy Equipment In The Dust

Virtually every modern professional has participated in countless face-to-face meetings throughout their career. Meetings have persisted–despite the existence of various alternatives such as email, phone calls and instant messaging–as a staple in the modern workplace. This is due to the richness of information transmitted through tone and body language in a meeting; as well as the sense of trust and solidarity that only face-to-face communications can foster. In nearly all professional contexts, meetings are called when important internal and external communications are needed. Yet most professionals today detest attending meetings and often view them as tedious, time-consuming, disorganized and ultimately, ineffective. How might we preserve the value that has made face-to-face meetings so pivotal in today’s workplaces, while relieving some of the pains associated with their use?

Today’s professional environments are changing fast with the introduction of mobile computing and cloud-based web services in the workplace. Naturally, this has also changed the way meetings are conducted. Bestboard, the intelligent business meeting platform brought to you by Sinocan International Technologies, Co., Ltd., is poised to further revolutionize the meeting experience by offering purpose-built technology that enhances collaboration and efficiency in the workplace.

Consider this common scenario: an important client is invited into the office to learn about a new product on offer. The client is welcomed into a meeting room by the presenter, a customer success manager, who then struggles with an unwieldy set of cables for 15 straight minutes in an attempt to connect the display, computer, speakers and microphone (the client has of course requested that the presentation be recorded to help fill in their absent personnel). The office’s sole IT professional arrives to help connect the necessary hardware, but soon after discovers that the audio has a significant delay and is not syncing correctly with the visual feed. These devices–made by various manufacturers–are technically compatible, but hardly amenable to working together. Having wasted enough of the client’s time, the customer success manager decides to jump into an impromptu oral report–from memory, of course–of the new product. This turns out to be rather difficult to understand without the help of a visual aid. Needless to say, the client is unimpressed which puts the company’s business with that client at risk for the future. Tragically, this scenario could have been easily avoided with a small investment in Bestboard’s purpose-built intelligent meeting platform.

The Superiority Of Bestboard’s Intelligent Meeting Platform

Bestboard’s intelligent meeting platform was borne out of a deep dissatisfaction with the finickiness of setup, lack of flexibility, and poor experience provided to users of legacy meeting equipment. Bestboard’s suite of functionality makes it possible to replace a projector, digital whiteboard, web camera, microphone, speakers, computer, digital signage and television with a single powerful device. Bestboard packages the functionality these devices into a single easy-to-use platform which easily outperforms these devices when taken together as a network, or individually on a per-component basis. To understand just how truly special Bestboard is let’s review how Bestboard’s various capabilities stack up against their legacy counterparts:

This image shows a Bestboard display mounted on wall in a typical corporate boardroom environment.


Projectors often require complicated set-up in order to generate adequate picture resolution, brightness, and focus. Even when an optimal setting has been achieved, picture quality is subject to the surrounding light in the room. All too often, curtains and blinds must be put up after the fact in an attempt to reduce the amount of ambient light in a room. This can create some very ugly and inflexible meeting rooms. Alternatively, Bestboard’s ultra-slim 65”, 75” and 86” displays require virtually no set-up whatsoever. Just turn ON the display using real buttons located on the side of the screen or using the handy remote control from your seat. The display provides an ultra-high definition 4K resolution picture and uses an IPS panel to guarantee clear display quality, even in brightly lit rooms.

In image of an old style projector.

Digital Whiteboards

Digital whiteboards are a popular alternative to traditional whiteboards because they allow users to place and manipulate external audio/visual content such as documents, photos, and videos on the board. Yet most digital whiteboards fail to achieve a degree of user friendliness for writing, saving and erasing, needed to be truly preferable to traditional whiteboards. Fortunately, these limitations don’t exist for Bestboard. For instance, whereas most digital whiteboards require a stylus for handwriting, Bestboard’s built-in whiteboard application allows users to write with a high-degree of accuracy using touch. This extends participation in white-boarding sessions well beyond those holding the stylus to everyone in the room. Most digital whiteboards also make erasing content an annoyance, whereas content placed in Bestboard’s whiteboard app can be removed easily with a swipe of the hand Bestboard also makes it easy to save a whiteboard session for later and then clear off the board or create an additional page. Recalling an earlier session lets you annotate on top of what was written previously so that you can add to your work later on. By providing a superior user experience, Bestboard fulfills the promise originally made by digital whiteboards while leaving most digital whiteboards in the dust.

In image of an old style whiteboard..

Remote Video Conferencing Gear

As in the scenario discussed earlier, successfully conducting a remote video conference using legacy equipment requires the careful integration of numerous pieces of hardware including a display/projector, web camera, microphone and speakers. Integrating devices made by various manufacturers into a single video conferencing system is a major challenge often worsened by the obsolescence of aging gear. In contrast, Bestboard arrives ‘videoconference ready’ by virtue of having all the necessary capabilities of these devices built right into the device. There is no set-up required; simply plug in the Bestboard display and your video conferencing software will automatically recognize Bestboard as the default option for audio in/out and video.


Bestboard’s Ultra-HD 4K display (3840×2160 resolution) comes in either 65”, 75” or 86” screens. Considered alongside Bestboard’s stunning stereo Hi-Fi and it’s nothing short of a home theatre for your office.

Digital Signage

Today’s advertisements are getting increasingly interactive as brands look to connect more intimately with customers. This is putting pressure on advertisers to use technologies which support the level of engagement their customers are looking for. Rather than simply projecting images or videos on a screen for the audience to look at, advertisers now provide opportunities for their audiences to create meaningful interactions with their content. This can mean anything from browsing through a promotional catalogue, to completing a personality quiz; or sharing photos from one’s mobile phone to a public mood-board. Bestboard’s advanced touch capabilities can help advertisers reposition their audience as active participants in digital brand experiences.

When compared side-by-side to the various components that make up a legacy meeting room, Bestboard’s consolidation of all desired functionality into a single easy-to-use device provides exceptional value. Bestboard leverages cutting-edge technology and smart design to help you make the most out of what is likely the most important–and no longer painful–part of your day; meetings.

In image of a modern black and white board room.