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This poster shows the Bestboard activation at ISE 2020.

Bestboard By Sinocan Technologies Invites You To ISE 2020

BESTBOARD – by Sinocan International Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of interactive touch display and conference all-in-one solutions, is proud to announce the participation of ISE 2020 at RAI Amsterdam. Bestboard’s high-end interactive touch displays eliminate the need for stand-alone projectors, PCs, TVs, whiteboards, cameras, microphones and speakers by folding all of these technologies into a single slim, wireless and modular panel. Come and experience the next generation of interactive touch displays at booth: 15-M240 from 11th to 14th Feb 2020, and don’t forget to use our invitation code upon registration! About BESTBOARD BESTBOARD by Sinocan International Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and after more than ten years cultivating industry-leading expertise in electromagnetic capacitance technology, is today committed to building the future of smart conferencing solutions for the modern workplace. With over ten years of investment in the research and development of the electromagnetic capacitance technology, Sinocan International Technology Co., Ltd., is poised to quickly become an industry leader in smart conference displays with their brand, BESTBOARD.