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Bestboard Breaks Ground In The Banking Industry

Successful banking institutions take great care in honoring their most valued clients. This is especially true during the in-person meetings held between a banking representative and their clients at a local branch. In this environment, the use of ordinary whiteboards and out-dated projectors may greatly undermine the professionalism and trustworthiness representatives work so hard to establish.

How might a modern banking institution preserve their brand’s integrity during these high-touch client engagements? Today, many successful companies choose Bestboard’s interactive flat panel displays due to their elegant and intelligent design. The display’s superior functionality and sleek aesthetic bestows ingenuity and credibility onto the institution and its representatives.

1. Increased access through facial recognition technology

Today’s banking institutions face a difficult challenge: millions of clients need to quickly and reliably access their bank accounts when they visit any of the bank’s many branches. To make matters worse, this important task is typically given to bank tellers; a position with a relatively high employee turnover rate. Whenever a teller struggles to instantly pull up a client’s important financial information, it can erode trust and put the bank at risk of losing that client. Fortunately, Bestboard has an exciting new solution for the banking industry: leveraging the latest AI and facial recognition technology to search, retrieve and verify the presence of those human facial features tied specifically to that client’s account, Bestboard’s interactive flat panel display can help clients retrieve and manage their finances without having to rely on a bank teller. In fact, a client has merely to stand in front of a Bestboard panel to easily access and interact with their account. The display’s large, high-resolution, touch screen offers a better quality experience than conventional ATMs, while providing net-new opportunities for up-selling to existing clients

2. A stunning visual experience
Bestboard’s super-slim 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) display transforms what was previously a tedious banking transaction into a pleasurable experience where clients can feel calm and in control. The visual experience is sensational; text appears with crystal clarity on the screen, pictures are pure and life-like, and each sound is perfectly played.

3. Interactive sales presentations
Bestboard’s multi-device wireless screen sharing is perfect for presenting financial products to clients and prospective clients. Using P-Cap and Electro Magnetic Resonance (EMR) Dual Touch technologies, bank representatives and clients can explore a catalogue of financial products together, applying touch or stylus gestures directly on the display. Bestboard supports the ability to zoom-in/out, move text and images around, and to create handwritten and/or typed annotations with personalized fonts and colors. Clients can also contribute to the conversation by sharing the screen on their own supported devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.When the presentation is finished, the content that was shared and manipulated on Bestboard can be exported and sent with ease to any device on the network. This way it’s easy for the client to take the presentation home with them.

4. Remote yet face-to-face
Bestboard’s remote video conferencing capabilities allows banking institutions to accommodate their most valued clients who may be unable to visit a branch in person. In this scenario, remote video conferencing makes meeting face-to-face possible; ensuring clear and reliable communication while saving clients time and energy.

5. A New Banking Tech Ecosystem
The Bestboard interactive flat panel display is more powerful than the average computer, faster than the ubiquitous touch screens used at the banks of today and capable of completing more complicated tasks than those performed by a dedicated device. As such, Bestboard is positioned to disrupt the existing technological ecosystem within today’s banking institutions. Bestboard provides an end-to-end solution, aimed at maximizing value to banking service providers and their clients. Bestboard can provide clients with various appointments, consultations and transaction services, all at the client’s convenience; which can expedite decision-making and drive better business for the bank. Owing to it’s ease of use, ultra-high-definition resolution, support for multiple devices and virtually non-existent installation effort, Bestboard provides a plug-and-play upgrade for any bank’s meeting room. Such a renovation would be perfect for entertaining “preferred clients” and as a space to host internal company meetings.